What’s On Your Table?

Have you started your wedding planning and realized that you haven’t asked yourself, “What’s going to be on my wedding table?” When it comes to decorating your reception table and creating a tablescape, it takes a whole lot of details, many of which you may have never heard of before. Here is our brief glossary […]

5 Ways to Pick Your Rochester Wedding Date

Trying to decide on a Rochester wedding date can be the most difficult part of planning a wedding.  With a whole blank calendar in front of you, the sheer availability of opportunities can make this process overwhelming. It’s tempting to just select a date smack in the middle of summer, but there can be so […]

You’ve Gone Over on Your Rochester Wedding Budget

Creating a Rochester wedding budget can be hard work — and realizing you’ve gone over it can be downright horrifying. Unfortunately, for Rochester brides who don’t set their budget in stone or trust a wedding planner’s expertise, it’s all too common to spend more than they intended. Going over budget is common for many Rochester brides and families who do not […]

Cheap Wedding Invitations In Rochester

It’s a good thing cheap wedding invitations are not hard to come by because when cutting costs, wedding stationery is usually the first place a bride will look. Cheap wedding invitations can be ordered by you, printed by you, and yes, created from scratch by you. Depending on how much you want to save, the […]

Rochester Wedding Candy Buffet Ideas

Planning a big ol’ sweets table as your dessert, cake alternative, or guest favors? This can either be a spend-fest or an exercise in skillful saving, depending on your choices and a little bit of luck. From cheap candy alternatives to space hacks, we’ve compiled a big list of candy buffet ideas to save money […]

What To Ask A Rochester Wedding Videographer

If you’re looking for a professional Rochester Wedding Videographer to capture your LIVE ACTION wedding moments, we feel you. It’s one thing we’ve heard is so worth it if you want it and it’s within your budget. We have a great list of them here on Rochester Wedding Directory, but what do you ask them […]