Tips For Choosing Rochester Wedding Officiants

The officiant/celebrant of your ceremony has a pretty hefty job when you think about it: setting the tone, saying the right things, actually marrying you… it’s no small task. So our Rochester wedding experts are here to help you figure what types of officiants are out there, how to snag the right person for the […]

6 Pain-Free Ways to Save for Your Wedding

Perhaps saving for your wedding feels a bit more like scaling Mount Everest than, say, a steep incline on the treadmill. Who could blame you? Even the most simple, intimate Rochester weddings have a way of adding up. Saving for a wedding might feel like an impossible task because people have so many demands on their budget — […]

5 Tricks to Making Your Rochester Budget Wedding Feel Expensive

Despite the myth that inexpensive Rochester weddings innately appear substandard, elegant nuptials can be achieved on any budget. However, doing so with limited funds requires that you prioritize which elements of your Rochester wedding are most important to you and set out a plan for allocating funds accordingly. Our Rochester wedding experts offer their expertise on how to […]