Cheap Wedding Invitations In Rochester

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It’s a good thing cheap wedding invitations are not hard to come by because when cutting costs, wedding stationery is usually the first place a bride will look. Cheap wedding invitations can be ordered by you, printed by you, and yes, created from scratch by you. Depending on how much you want to save, the choice is yours. See our guide on how to create or find Cheap Wedding Invitations In Rochester.

Cheap Wedding Invitations In Rochester

Your wedding invitation sets the style and tone of your wedding and it lets guests know what to expect. Black tie or cowboy boots or somewhere in between, your invitation will convey the message.

Wedding Stationery Items

Save the Date cards – Not necessarily needed if most of your guests live in town. Sending out a postcard from the city/destination of your wedding location is a clever, chic idea. You will save on postage as well as the overall cost of paper. Also consider sending out an email or e-vite to let guests know to put your date on their calendar. Although a tad time consuming, even a phone call would be appropriate.

Invites – Unless you are ultra eco-friendly, most Rochester brides will have an actual invitation versus an email or a phone call. Wedding invitations, although lots do, don’t have to cost you a ton and you can still achieve the look, feel and style of your wedding. Above all, there are so many fabulous options these days, you can find cheap wedding invitations without them looking the least bit cheap.

RSVP Cards – Consider post cards versus the response card plus envelope. You save on postage in two ways. Your invitation set will be thinner and will require less postage to mail, and the postage for the RSVP post card will be cheaper than the regular response envelope.

Reception Cards – Ditch it. Print reception info at the bottom of the actual invitation. Super easy way to make your cheap wedding invitations even cheaper.

Programs – Make them yourself, do without altogether, or consider having one large program displayed in the church or ceremony hall foyer. If you are having an outdoor wedding, a clever idea is to have them double as fans. Definitely a DIY project!

Place Setting Cards – You will only need them if you’re having a formal, sit down dinner. This is a great DIY item if place cards are a necessity for you.

Menus – One expense you don’t need to chew on. Your guests won’t even notice the absence. It’s one of the easiest ways possible to save even more on your cheap wedding invitation budget.

Thank You Cards – Your thank you cards do not have to match your invitations or any other part of your wedding. You can buy boxes of generic thank you cards really cheap from virtually anywhere.

How soon should you begin your cheap wedding invitation adventure? No later than 4 months before your wedding (5 if you’re having a destination wedding) if you are ordering them and ASAP if you are DIYing them!

DIY Rochester Wedding Invitations

This can be the perfect way to infuse your personality and style of your wedding into your invitations. Your invitation will be 100% unique and personal, which is a wonderful touch to your already magical wedding. Not to mention saving TONS of money. There are 2 ways to DIY wedding invitations. From a kit, or from scratch. Both will save you quite a bit of money, however, DIY wedding invitations “from scratch” can be extremely time consuming and depending on the complexity of the design, be quite tedious as well. Give this careful consideration before you take the leap into DIY wedding invitation world. Figure out which DIY method is best for you.

Discount Rochester Wedding Invitations

Thankfully, there are a plethora of sources for discount wedding invitations. Gone are the days where you are forced to pay upwards of $1,000 for quality wedding invitations. It’s just paper, girls! Granted, like your wedding flowers and cake, wedding invitations can be works of art, but not for $10+ a pop. Ridiculous. You can have your “dream” wedding invitations that fit your personality and the style and tone of the wedding, without spending a lot for them.

Cheap Rochester Wedding Invitation Tips and Hints

  1. Don’t forget to put a stamp on the RSVP card’s envelope.
  2. Write very small numbers on the back of the RSVP cards that coordinate with a master guest list. No doubt you will have people that return them in illegible chicken scratch, or no name at all! This is a clever way to always know who it came from.
  3. If ordering from a local stationer or any professional invitation source, choosing a color other than black can increase your cost, so carefully look at the pricing to make sure that is or is not the case.
  4. Super simple way to save money on your cheap wedding invitations? Ditch the glitz. Don’t put any lagniappe (i.e. glitter, confetti – you’d be surprised!) in your invitation sets, it’s a wasted expense and unless all your guests are 8 year old girls, they will most likely hate it.
  5. Remember your invitation might not be the only thing going into that envelope. When you add in RSVP cards and envelopes, maps, etc., your invite will get very heavy and very pricey to mail. Opt for lighter card stock or an RSVP postcard instead of a card plus envelope.
  6. This might be the most important and useful cheap wedding invitation tips ever. Take one completed wedding invitation set to the post office to be weighed for proper postage. Failing to do so means more work, and more money when you have to re-address, and re-buy envelopes and postage a second time. You would be surprised at how many smart brides this has happened to.
  7. Remember square envelopes are almost always more expensive to mail than rectangular ones.
  8. Order 15%-20% more envelopes for addressing or penmanship mistakes. It’s cheaper to order extra with your invitations rather than placing a whole new order months later.
  9. Although not a cheap wedding invitation tip to attempt at the last minute, learning calligraphy can save you $2 to $3 per invitation. Even if your guest list is super small, $2-$3 envelope can add up to be a sizeable sum.
  10. Choose thermographed over engraved. You won’t see much of a difference at all except in the price tag. Thermographed invites can cost 50% less than engraved.
  11. Choose plain envelopes over lined or colored.
  12. Order single panel invitations, rather than the folded, greeting card styles.
  13. If your guest list is 200 people, remember that doesn’t mean you need 200 invitations. Couples in the same household just get one invitation, and their children, if under 18, are on that same invitation. That could easily be 3 or more guests on one invite.
  14. Buy an embosser with your return address instead of paying the printer or calligrapher extra to have this done. This might be equal to the cost of having the printer of calligrapher do it for you, but you will get to use the embosser again in the future.

As you can see, there are an endless number of ways to find the perfect cheap wedding invitations to fit your style and budget without compromising quality.

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