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I reached out to Keri to talk to her about performing our ceremony on Saturday. She responded that she would call me on Sunday. I never heard from her. On Monday I reached back out to her asking if she could chat about our wedding again. She wrote back and said she was eating dinner and had a consultation at 7 and could she call me after. I said yes. She never called. On Tuesday I once again asked her if she was interested in speaking with me and she said she got home late and didn’t want to be rude by calling me to late. (Not calling or texting for 48 hours is what was rude quite honestly.) She said after she puts her daughter to bed she will call me. Later in the evening I received a text asking if she could call on at 3:30 on Wednesday. 3:30 came and no call. 4:30 came and no call. 5:30 came and no call. 6:30 came and no call. At 7:20 I texted her and told her I was disappointed she never called her texted me. She wrote back ” I am sorry. I have been dealing with a sick kid from when I reached out the other day. It’s hard when she is 17 months and only wants mommy” Funny though she posted a bunch a pictures of her daughter on her Facebook page at about the same time she was supposed to be on a call with me. It would have taken less time to text me then it took to post pictures to your Facebook page. I will be sure to post and share this story across all social media as well as the gay community in the Rochester area.

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