How to Choose Your Rochester Wedding Vendors

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The right vendor can make a significant difference in the quality of your wedding. Before this statement makes you freak out, the “right” Rochester wedding vendor is different for everyone. It’s a combination of personality, budget, style, and value–all of which is unique to each bride.  Here are some helpful tips to finding the right one for you!

How to Choose Your Rochester Wedding Vendors

Have a fluid relationship with your budget line items.

When you started wedding planning, you probably assigned dollar amounts that you thought were reasonable for each line item. Now that you’ve started meeting different Rochester wedding vendors and shopping, you have probably realized some of those amounts may not be feasible.  Develop a fluid philosophy with your budget based on your priorities. If that Rochester photographer that you adore is way more than you thought, look for ways to adjust your budget before you completely rule them out. Perhaps you don’t need an expensive dress, or you can borrow accessories and shoes from friends.  Of course, the bottom line of your budget is important, but find ways to work within it to allow yourself to work with the vendors you feel passionate about.

What’s the value?

Don’t dismiss the value of what each wedding vendor is offering you simply because their price tag is larger than other vendors. Perhaps they are offering more time, more products, or additional features that will save you valuable time and money later. Make sure you fully understand what they are charging you for, and if the overall package is something you’d appreciate, make sure to consider it or put it at the top of your list.

Personality definitely counts.

It doesn’t matter if she is the best wedding planner in town, if you find her insufferable, keep looking. While you won’t have sustained contact during your planning with some of your vendors (such as your caterer), other Rochester wedding vendors will require a lot of communication. Make sure you genuinely enjoy being around your photographer, planner, and DJ (because if you find your DJ annoying, so will your guests).

Communication is key.

While you shouldn’t expect instantaneous communication (these vendors are working with other Rochester brides, after all), each vendor meeting should be relatively easy to schedule and questions answered within a reasonable amount of time. If your photographer had to cancel your initial meeting several times and takes days to reply to your emails, move on. There are plenty of qualified and talented vendors who are able to balance excellent creative work with professional communication skills.

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