How to Plan Your Rochester Wedding

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You’ve begun to start making plans for the most special day of your lives but you don’t really know what to do or even where to start.  Let us here at Rochester Wedding Directory help you with this.  We put together a few ways on How to Plan Your Rochester Wedding and gave ways to make the whole entire planning process much easier and smoother.

1.  Do It Your Way!

Before you begin shopping for flowers, dresses and venues, sit down with your significant other and talk about what makes your relationship special.  Are you super fun and just want a day for all of your friends and family to enjoy and remember?  Are you traditional and want a wedding full of memories and special moments?  Or maybe you’re somewhere in between?  Anything you want to do during your wedding day is okay.  Use your imagination and be creative.  Plan something special for just you two that you’ve always wanted to do.  Which leads us to our second piece of advice…

2.  Get Organized

Now, that doesn’t mean that you have to have every minute of your wedding and reception planned out.  Create an e-mail address just for your wedding contacts that both of you can access.  This will keep everything in one place and you’ll never have to search your personal e-mail for hours just for the phone number of your caterer or wedding DJ.  Keep a wedding planner for your appointments and keep all the wedding papers and brochures in one binder.  Remember, your wedding and wedding reception will be the biggest events that you ever plan.  So make sure you…

3.  Get Some Good Advice

And don’t be afraid to use it!  That advice can come from all kinds of different sources.  Whether it’s Mom and Dad, friends, wedding professionals or even a trusted online source like here at Rochester Wedding Directory.  There aren’t really any second chances on your wedding day.  Everything needs to go right the first time.  This is why wedding professionals must be good at what they do and exactly why you should always…

4.  Hire Professional Wedding Vendors

Now that does not mean that your friend that is a photographer or your aunt with a catering business is not a professional!  By all means, if you have friends and family that want to help you out and you trust them you should do it.  It is very important that you like the people that are attending your wedding and, like it or not, your wedding vendors will be guests at your wedding and they will be part of your wedding memories.  You need to …

5.  Hire Wedding Vendors That You Like

If you meet a vendor and you think they might do a good job but your personalities clash, we don’t suggest working with them.  Working with a professional Rochester wedding vendor that you enjoy being around and has a similar personality to yours and your fiances will probably think like you and will:  like music that you like or take photos that you like or serve your guests like you would.  What could be better than being surrounded by people that you like on your wedding day?  But remember the most important thing…

6.  Have Fun!!

Guest will probably always be late.  Your schedule will probably need some last minute changes or fine tuning.  That’s okay because your wedding day is about the first day of the rest of your lives together.  Pack some comfy dancing shoes for the reception, hug everyone twice, dance with your family, laugh, eat and cry.  Just don’t forget to let loose and have fun!!

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