Rochester Wedding Ring Care Tips

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Have you recently acquired a fancy new engagement ring or wedding band? If you are sporting some newly acquired finger bling, here are our top Rochester Wedding Ring Care Tips  for keeping your engagement ring or wedding band in top shape.

Rochester Wedding Ring Care Tips

Keep It Dry

Soap and other chemicals can dull surfaces and leave a film, so take off your ring before washing your hands, bathing, or putting on sunscreen, creams, and lotions. Water can also shrink your fingers making it easier to slip off. Just make sure to snag it up before you leave the bathroom or keep it in a special holder while you wash.

Store It Solo

Keep your ring stored by itself so other metals don’t scratch it. Give it its own bed in your jewelry box or wrap it with some cloth.

Keep It In A No-Chemical Zone

Don’t store your ring near cleaning chemicals and supplies and don’t wear it while cleaning. Or if you do, toss on some rubber gloves to protect it.

Take It Off When You’re Doing Manual Labor

When you’ll be using your hands, like with yard work, moving, working out, and other times when your hand will be in contact with rough things and moving around a lot, store your ring in a safe place. You never know when you’ll whack your hand on something hard and damage the surface of your ring.

Take It Off While Cooking

Dough, sauces, and powders can get caught in the prongs and dull surfaces. Wear gloves or store your ring while you go all Iron Chef.

Get Regular Maintenance

Every six months or so, take your ring to a Rochester Jeweler for cleaning, inspecting, and any care it might need.

Consider Having It Insured

If you opt for a pricier ring (totally not required!), consider getting it insured in case of loss, theft, or damage. In most cases, you’ll need to provide a description of the ring, a close-up photo, and an appraisal.


We hope these Rochester Wedding Ring Care Tips  are of help to you and you are able to keep your ring looking fabulous for years and years to come!

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