Shaving The Budget – Wedding Favors And Gifts

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Many Rochester, NY brides always stress out about how they can reduce costs. Here is a great list on one of the things that might help when you are planning your Rochester wedding: Shaving The Budget – Wedding Favors And Gifts

Cut The List
Since the number of wedding favors you have to pay for directly links to your guest list, the easiest thing you can do (if possible) is to cut down your guest list. This will also save your spending on wedding catering and decorations as well since you won’t have to pay as much for food or rent as many chairs & tables.

Shop In Bulks or Online
Wholesale deals provide cheaper prices for larger quantities which in turn trims your cost per item. Candy, soaps, fans and other mass produced favor items fall into this category. You can also try online shopping and compare the prices with local Rochester wedding vendors to get the best deals. Don’t forget to also calculate shipping costs and tax when online shopping, as it might tip the budget scale too.

Make Your Own
One thing to try is to make the favors on your own, especially if you have splurged on other Rochester wedding elements like your dress or decorations. It’s time to put on your DIY cap and get your creativity flowing. Don’t over-think; a simple homemade jam, cookies or scented candles will leave a sweet impression on your guests.

Multitask With Other Wedding Items
Wedding favor options are endless, which is exactly why you can multitask it with another wedding element. Succulent Plants with your gusts name and table numbers can double as escort cards. You can also group vases of tiny flowers as centerpieces which your guests can take home at the end of the night. Another idea is to place individual servings of your wedding cake in boxes as a wedding favor item to take home.

Think Outside The Box

Last but not least, don’t get stuck with the image of what a favor should be. Just because you’ve seen cute ideas on Pinterest doesn’t mean you have to follow them. Look for unique, low budget alternatives. For instance, you can present your guests with a CD filled with your favorite songs as a couple, or provide a candy container for them to grab candies to take home, or even donating to some charities in the name of your guests.

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