The Etiquette Of Having The No-Kid Rule At Your Rochester, NY Wedding

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With so many things to be prepared in a Rochester, NY wedding, you might need to first consider whether to allow kids in your wedding or not. This will determine the rest of your Rochester wedding preparation, the seating arrangement, the entertainment and even the menu. So, before you plan anything, take a look on what you should take into account when you decided to have an adult-only wedding party.

#1 Notify appropriately

You have to write it in your wedding invitations. But do take a note that instead of writing it as “no kids allowed,” it is better if you mark it as an “adult reception.” Or, another way is by including RSVP cards that has a spot for written number of adults that plan to attend.

#2 Consider the announcement time

It might be troublesome if your friends don’t have nannies or babysitters for their kids. By telling your friends a few months in advance, you’ll give them time to sort out the childcare situation for when they attend your Rochester wedding.

#3 Ring bearer problems

The typical idea is to have cute little ones as ring bearers. It’s important to know that if you have an immediate niece or nephew, then they should be your choice. You can talk to your siblings so they’ll understand how you want your Rochester wedding to be. As such, they’ll help you organize what’s best to do once the ceremony is done and the reception is kicked off.

#4 Deal with hurt feelings

You might encounter problems where people start questioning why you wouldn’t let your younger cousins, nieces, or nephews attend your wedding. Even though it might not be the best excuse, gently telling family that you have budget constraints might be the best option. You can let them know that allowing kids means that you have to prepare a special kids meal, their entertainment. This is something that hopefully your family will understand.

#5 Make a confirmation

After you send out your Rochester wedding invitations, it’s advisable to call friends that you know who will probably bring their kids. You might end up with some resistance but you shouldn’t back down if this is what you really want. Although they might not agree with you on this matter, a good friend or family member will understand.

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