Wedding Decorating Dos And Don’ts

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There are endless ideas for wedding decorations. It’s the heart of your wedding that’ll transform your most special event to be a magical moment. Whether you decide to opt for a DIY or trust it to a Rochester wedding professional, it’s important to think it thoroughly and plan it well. For that, we’ll give you some tips to go by, so read our
Wedding Decorating Dos And Don’ts.

Do: Pick A Theme

Before deciding on how your wedding decoration will be, you should firstly choose a theme or a color palette for your wedding. By doing so, you’ll have a fixed guide on what can or can’t be used for your decoration. A good décor should complement and express your wedding theme.

Don’t: Do It Last Minute

We know doing research requires a lot of time, so don’t take this to the last minute. Even though you’ve left it to the pros, you still need to have guidelines on how you want your wedding décor to look like; even better with picture references. Don’t just meet any professional wedding vendor without first knowing what you want; it’ll only waste your time.

Do: Have A List

Take some time to make a to-do-list on what you need for your decorations. For example, hanging chandeliers, unique dinnerware, how many tablecloths and candles you need, or what kind of flowers you want to use.



Don’t: Generalize

Don’t just say blue if the color you mean is dusty blue and red if you are choosing maroon. Do some research on how to get the precise color name and keep a picture of it. It’ll help you a lot when you are picking your decorative items yourself. It’ll also help pros you hired to be more accurate and have fewer mistake in doing your wedding décor.

Do: Work On The Math

After you’re done with the nuptial details, you should start doing your budget. For DIY décor, start doing the list or if you chose to give it up to the pros, start to have a meeting and discuss about your budget.

Don’t: Be Limited By A Budget

Don’t worry if you have low budget, instead it is time for you to be creative. For decorations, there are many things you could play around with. For example, if you’re choosing to use antique dinnerware, there are websites selling used wedding décor with super-low prices.

Do: Get Help From The Pros

If you hire a professional, then it’s better to have a few discussions before the big day in order for both of you to have the same vision. Or, if you happen to have siblings or friends who are already married, ask about their experience, so you won’t need to repeat the same mistakes they had encountered. You could be surprised on what they will tell you, for example, who would’ve thought that having fragrant flowers, like lily, on the wedding table could overpower the aroma of the food served.

Don’t: Pick The Wrong Ones

Don’t forget to check the pros’ background and reputation before you decide on which Rochester wedding vendor you are going to use. Lastly, sometimes you need to let go of your ego if the experts or even your experienced relatives have told you that your color hues mixture are too much or some of your ideas are not in harmony with your wedding theme.

Do: Remember The Light

Whether you’re going to have an indoor or outdoor wedding, lighting is one that will make your décor even more stunning. You should consider your wedding area and the perimeter your lighting could occupy and make a calculation of it.

Don’t: Be Careless

When it comes to the installation of lighting equipment, it’s better for you to trust this to the pros and not leave it to the amateurs.

Do: Count The Flowers

No matter how pretty flowers are, you should to take into account the quantity of the flowers you decided to have. You also need to remember to first arrange the different flowers you’re using and see how they all look together with the diverse colors they have.

Don’t: Try To Use Too Many Different Kinds of Flowers

Even though we know flowers are beautiful, don’t let your arrangement look tacky and messy by forcing yourself to use every flower you love without considering a good composition of it.

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