What To Serve At Your Rochester Wedding If You Don’t Want Cake

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While a multi-tier wedding cake with white fondant flowers and gold leaf detailing might appear aesthetically pleasing for your wedding photos, not every couple is head over heels for the notion of a such complex confection. However, tradition dictates that a cake is as customary for a wedding as the first dance and the “I do’s.” So what is a bride to do when she simply doesn’t wish to include cake on her wedding menu? Our Rochester wedding experts weigh in on whether or not a Rochester wedding cake is truly necessary for a modern celebration.

What To Serve At Your Rochester Wedding If You Don’t Want Cake

Despite what decades of historical precedence would have you believe, the classic wedding cake is no longer a bridal standard. And with the plethora of creative alternatives currently available for innovative Rochester brides, why settle for something you may not want? If your wedding is a relaxed, laid back affair, consider opting for a pie composed of fresh, seasonal fruit or a rich chocolate tart depending on your taste. Both offerings impart an informal, familial feel for a more intimate Rochester wedding.

Those hosting more formal affairs may wish to up the ante with an elaborate croquembouche tower composed of cream-filled choux pastry puffs embellished with a lattice of caramelized sugar. Favored in France and Italy for its divine flavors and rich ingredients, croquembouche is a striking and distinctive alternative to conventional wedding cake. If you adore cake in miniaturized format, consult with your baker to devise a cupcake pyramid with differing flavors in each tier. Guests will adore sampling the various recipes, and the grab-and-go aspect of the dessert will appeal to couples craving a casual celebration.

Yet another trendy alternative for couples forgoing their wedding cake is the candy and dessert buffet, which offers guests the opportunity to sample small bites of various crowd-pleasing pastries and confections. If you simply can’t commit to one delicious dessert, a sampler will satisfy each and every one of your cravings, and present an excellent opportunity for a sweet décor vignette.

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