Your Dream Wedding Venue Is Fully Booked. Now What?

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You’ve found your soul mate and discovered a dream wedding gown, but learning the wedding venue you so desperately covet is fully committed can leave a bride feeling blue. After all, the perfect wedding should take place at a breathtaking location worthy of the momentous occasion. So what is a bride to do when the location falls through? Our experts weigh in on finding a venue that enchants when your first choice isn’t available. Read Your Dream Wedding Venue Is Fully Booked. Now What?

If your chosen Rochester wedding venue is completely booked, begin by chatting with the location’s operations manager or event planner. The venue’s proprietor will likely have recommendations to offer regarding alternative venues that offer similar amenities and qualities to those you initially admired in your first choice. You should also consider enlisting the aid of a wedding planner to advise you on your location selection. A Rochester wedding planner will have great insight into the available spaces that will appeal to your taste given your affinity towards your desired venue, and may recommend a great breadth of location possibilities to suit your requirements.

If there is any leeway with your wedding date and your visions of marrying at this particular dream venue show no signs of subsiding, it may be time to rethink your wedding date. Some couples choose to opt for longer engagement of two years or more, and waiting for an opening in your venue’s schedule may be sufficient reason to postpone your nuptials.

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