You’ve Gone Over on Your Rochester Wedding Budget

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Creating a Rochester wedding budget can be hard work — and realizing you’ve gone over it can be downright horrifying. Unfortunately, for Rochester brides who don’t set their budget in stone or trust a wedding planner’s expertise, it’s all too common to spend more than they intended. Going over budget is common for many Rochester brides and families who do not know what things cost in the industry and do not trust planners to advise accordingly. If a budget is set and the bride or groom keep adding things on, this is when the budget starts to become an issue. Here’s what to do if You’ve Gone Over on Your Rochester Wedding Budget!

You’ve Gone Over on Your Rochester Wedding Budget

You've Gone Over on Your Rochester Wedding BudgetThe best thing you can do is set a budget, then work to stay under it. For example, if you fall for a wedding band with a price tag that comes in $1,000 less than your music budget line, don’t throw that extra $1,000 toward your catering expenses. Save it instead, because something will come up that’s unexpected.

Also, once contracts are signed, there’s little wiggle room. You are locked-in legally to using these Rochester wedding vendors in most scenarios, unless you can cut items down to reduce cost. So if you find you’ve gone over your budget, approach your wedding vendors to re-negotiate the services they’ll provide you. After all, do you really need those cheesecake-stuffed strawberries?

You can also save on excessive spending by opting for simpler alternatives to your paper goods. Know that you can have classy invites even with standard card stock. If you do your research well, you can find invitation vendors offering quality wedding cards and printing services at a cheaper price.

You also don’t need a specific flower to achieve a certain look. Talk to your Rochester wedding florist about cheaper alternatives to emulate the color and texture of your desired arrangement. Florists can always suggest in-season flowers at a lower price, largely reducing your costs without giving up on quality.

If an open bar is a must, why not limit the alcohol options available to just beer, wine and some common cocktails. This can help you to save on your spending. You can also arrange a ‘Stock the Bar’ party where guests can bring a bottle of liquor or champagne as gifts to be used at the reception rather than providing traditional wedding gifts.

You don’t have to break the bank to have a lavish wedding so hopefully the above cost effective tips on what to do if You’ve Gone Over on Your Rochester Wedding Budget will help you have the wedding of your dreams.

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